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by William Bradford

Resources about "Providence and the Pilgrim"

1. “The Puritan Legacy.” 13 June 2007. <http://www2.wwnorton.com/college/english/naal5/topic/puritan.htm>.
The author, writing for Norton’s official website, gives an overview of Puritan poetry, with a particular mention of Bradford’s “Providence and the Pilgrim.” It mentions his religious ideology, along with some of his antiquated views on the “Indian problem.” It also offers a compare/contrast to some of Bradstreet’s poetry, giving it some comparison. Norton, publisher of many English literature anthologies, is an extremely credible website, making this article all the more valuable.

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kmsaund1 Resource 1 0 Jul 1 2009, 8:44 PM EDT by kmsaund1
Thread started: Jul 1 2009, 8:44 PM EDT  Watch
This website offered great insight on the Puritan legacy and how it came about, however it did not discuss the actual poem other than as a reference. I would have liked to see more description and analysis of the actual poem. But I did still like the website. It was very informative as to why so much attention is paid to texts written such a long time ago.
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hmm53 Resource #1 0 Jul 1 2008, 4:41 PM EDT by hmm53
Thread started: Jul 1 2008, 4:41 PM EDT  Watch
This resource was very brief. I don't know how helpful it was because there wasn't too much in the posting about how helpful it was to the original reader. I don't know if I agree with the credibility because there isn't a whole lot supporting it.
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heathermitra Resource 1 0 Jun 26 2008, 9:53 AM EDT by heathermitra
Thread started: Jun 26 2008, 9:53 AM EDT  Watch
I would be interested in reading Bradford's poem "Providence and Pilgrim." The title makes me think that the poem may discuss how God is on the pilgrim's side. The site referred to seems valuable, particularly if doing a comparison to Anne Bradstreet and her work.
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